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Book Cover Beautiful


Song of Achilles – I really prefer illustrations over photoshopped pictures and manipulations. I really like the teal coloured background with the gold old-style helmet. The font is elegant, which just adds to the beautiful stylized cover. It draws the eye, and definitely stands out. 

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore – What can I say? I adore any book cover that has shelves of books on it. The ladder invites me to climb up to peruse the books. I would love to go shopping in this store. It’s fun. It’s a bookstore. A bookstore that’s open ALL THE TIME!!! What’s not to love. 

Glow – A plain black background, with just the title on it, as well as pop of colour, and a snippet of a scenario inside one of the letters. Brilliant. Reminds me of universes and space travel. I adore the simplicity. It seems to have more impact.



Starfish – The colours shown here are beautiful. I love the watercolour effect. It’s elegant, mysterious. I enjoy how the jellyfish seems to be lazily swimming across the universe, the turtle trailing gently behind it. I love the boldness of the font. It stands out. The two make together make it artistic. 

The Seafarer’s Kiss – This book cover grabbed me the moment I saw it. The flowing way the layers come through, the colours of the ocean and the mermaid’s tale, while the viking maiden knees on the ice overlooking the depth, adds a dimensional trait we normally don’t see on book covers. This is pure talent on whoever came up with this cover. The way it’s all set inside the frame makes me feel like I’ve already opened the book which adds to the allure. The tentacle adds a classical touch to the feeling. I love old school illustrations, and it reminded me of how the Norse mythology depictions were drawn.

The Bone Witch – The prominent purple colour with the overplayed gold elegant design is gorgeous. I love it. I adore purple, but that’s besides the point. The to colours together, with the female character adds an enchanting mystical air about it. The skull in the middle separating the title and the author’s name adds a hint of danger. I’m in love with this cover. It’s so gorgeous. I simply must have it in my collection. 


To Kill A Mockingbird Silhouettes on a cover? Yes, please! Black and white cover is very classy, on a very classic classic! (Ha.) It’s even better that this is my favourite classical book! Scout looking up to the title in the tree makes me think if they did it this way, drawing a parallel that Scout is always looking at how something bigger than her is going on – the racism and the entire court process that’s going on in the book. My favourite cover edition of this book, by far!

The Book of Atrix Wolfe -A beautiful lady laying in slumber on the forest floor, with the background showing a cold’s winter day in the background. Fairytales and magic and maiden’s come to mind whenever I see this book. I love this illustration. It reminds me of the beautiful Waterhouse paintings. Waterhouse is one of my favourite artists. I love this colour because of the greenery, with the flowery strip bordering around it. 


What are your favourite book covers? Why do you like them? Which do you prefer, illustrations or photo’s?


Book Cover Beautiful

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Well, I do. I’m attracted to colours and illustrations and text and the general layout. I try not to discard books that aren’t visually appealing to me, but my time is limited and I Ave a huge to-read list. It’s the nature of the beast.

I decided to create this segment to showcase book covers that are some of my favourites, as well as covers that are not. And everything in between.

Let’s get to it shall we?

To Kill a Mockingbird is hugely successful, no doubt about it. This is one of my favourite classics by far. It was required reading in junior high, and I was very surprised to say I enjoyed it immensely. The copy they handed me was the first one pictured above, I have the second one in the middle, and I really like the simplicity of the last one. I think all three are superb. It was impossible to choose one, so I finally decided to go with all three!

The picture of the bird flying away from the yarn and the watch seems sad, almost desolate. The striking text, the bold crisp lines of the title is in your face. Quite like the ongoing racism in the book. The second edition, I enjoy. Scout’s silhouette underneath the branches that spell out the title; very black and white. Again, going along with the racist theme. And the last book I adore because the orange background draws me in, and clashes with the green leaves. Again, almost as if to paint the clashing personalities that are in the court room.

They all strike me as incredibly symbolic, and that’s why I enjoy all three.


21416553This one was picked because I adore the bumbling bees, and it just seems so warm. I can almost hear the buzzing, the sound making my skin tickle slightly. I like how the one lone bee is right near the authors last name, and it’s sort of endearing to me. ‘Yup, that’s right, I’m a bee.’ I just love this cover.

I’m not sure if the large bee is the Queen, or if that is Flora 717.





The merging of SCalculating Godcience and Religion in this book comes across immediately on the cover of Calculating God. Taken from Michaelangelo’s Creation of Man, and underlaid under a mathematical type chart, renders a fascinating image that makes you take notice. The use of text doesn’t interfere with the image at all, which is the focal point for this book cover. The varying use of blue in different squares simply adds to the mathematical feel of what the image is conveying. Incredibly well done, this is why I find this book cover beautiful.





This concludes today’s segment of Book Cover Beautiful. Given the fact that there are so many amazing books out there, more will be coming!