Why I Prefer the YA Genre over General Fiction

More diversity.

The YA/NA genre has become a treasure trove for diverse characters. It’s something I’m extremely happy about. It’s nice to see other nationalities popping up. I’m from Canada. and our country is hugely diverse. It’s hard to read books that don’t have people of colour; it doesn’t seem realistic. I’ve grown up in various rich environments, and it’s simply the norm for me.

It’s also extremely uplifting to see more LGBTTQQIAAP characters emerging from the book community. Growing up in the eighties and nineties, it was very rare to see a lesbian or a gay character. It’s incredibly pleasing to see that it’s not as hushed or swept under the rug as it used to be.

Flushed out characters

I’m extremely tired of the tired cliche characters that work Monday through Friday, come home, have some booze, and lament on their disaster of a marriage. Can’t a couple be freaking happy for once?

The characters in this genre seem more alive, more vibrant, colourful! They are a much more fun and intense read. There have been several dull books in the general fiction section that were a chore to read through. Half the time I end up not finishing them! I want my characters to be relatable, despite being thirty years younger than me. I want them to feel alive! (Half the characters in adult fiction just seem to be living like zombies, slogging through life.)

Better storylines

As stated above, the characters in Young Adult seem more alive. With that, the storylines become more exciting, more thrilling. It seems to me that the authors in this genre we love so much have the ability to know how to tell better stories. Don’t get me wrong, there have been thrilling adult fiction stories. The Night Circus is one example. Plus, the Dresden Files.

There’s less ‘the woman looked at herself in the mirror, and poked her fat that hung around her middle’, talk. So, less female body shaming/critiquing.

Just. I can’t. I just can’t with internal dialogues that go on about this. It leaves a stale taste in my mouth. For the longest time, I thought I was abnormal, as I was incredibly comfortable in my body. I realize that for the most part, a lot of this is done by male authors (at least in my experience.) I know that some female authors do this too. Can we not focus on moving the plot forward, instead of taking a few paragraphs and lamenting on how unsavoury body fat can be, and just move the story along? K, thanks bai.

More strong female characters that go on thrilling adventures.

Okay. So this one’s stretching it a bit. But, it’s there. I realize that we have Star Wars, and Game of Thrones, and all the Mercedes Lackey books. But still, we need more feminism goddammit.


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